Visual Art

έναν κόσμο έχουμε μόνο | έκθεση 

οργάνωση και συμμετοχή στην έκθεση με θέμα της κλιματικής κρίσης και την καταστροφή του κόσμου.

Οικόπολις | Θεσσαλονίκη 03/2022

we only have one planet | exhibition

organisation and participation at the exhibition with the topic climate crisis and destruction of the planet.

Ecopolis | Thessaloniki 03/2022

Διαμόρφωση του χώρου Suburbia / Θεσσαλονίκη 2021

Space design Suburbia / Thessaloniki 2021

Out of the bin

έκθεση trash art | exhibition trash art 

με καινούργια έργα | with new pieces

Suburbia Θεσσαλονίκη 05/2021

Out of the bin

έκθεση trash art | exhibition trash art 

Verena Fink για Οικόπολις | for Ecopolis 11/2020

κατάλογο | catalogue.pdf
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Ρευστή. Ωμή. Απόπειρες. Βλέμματα. Ποτέ απομονωμένη, πάντα μέσα σε πλαίσιο – με λέξεις, με άλλες εικόνες. Στην καθημερινή ζωή, σε ιδιαίτερες περιστάσεις. Με χιούμορ. Εκφραστική. Ρευστή και όμως αιχμαλωτισμένη…




Volatile. Raw. Attempts. Glances. Never solitary, always in context- with language, with other images. On the road - by bicycle, by train, by the mountains, by the sea, by the city. In everyday life, on special occasions. Humorous. Expressive. Volatile and yet captured...


Instagram: bravefinch

Postcard series "picture stories" 2016


Design for spatial orientation against the background of biography work. RaumZeit Moser und Fink GbR commissioned by the Children's and Youth Museum Munich (Kinder- und Jugendmuseum München) e.V. for the Münchenstift gGmbH 


A large board (covered with a glass plate) has been designed for each theme, as well as three narrow boards, which are freely accessible and touchable.

The themes serve the orientation of residents and visitors in the partly very large and extensive nursing and old people's homes on the one hand. On the other hand they are intended to encourage biographical work between nursing staff and residents, residents among each other, as well as residents with their relatives.

The displaced (largely original) objects behind glass and accessible on the touch boards serve the subjective as well as common memory in the five renovated or newly built houses.

Completion: 2006-2013


A book project


With different methods of cultural education a project group of 11 children (4-5 years old) could deal with story telling, stories and books:

What makes a story?

Which different kind of stories exist?

What is important for / in a story?

What do you need for a book?

What is an author?


In 4 months in Summer 2016 during 10 sessions we wrote a own book with an own story.

In this time the children told stories, listened, took pictures, drew, stamped, played theatre, sang, spoke “gibberish” (used nonsense words), built and told stories again. 

Bixibi, Umtobi, Kaliwaga und Sungiga auf Schatzsuche
Bixibix.... Schatzsuche.pdf
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Photo booklets